Cyanobacteria to restore soil: graphic object experimentation

Dissemination | Materiality

février 2022

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A new scientific dissemination project with Dr. Beatriz Roncero Ramos, a specialist on cyanobacteria! The aim of the project is to experiment with new ways of sharing knowledge on cyanobacteria. Our first collaboration is this screen printing project. Beyond the graphic object, we will also try to collaborate with cyanobacteria. Maybe they can also be part of the project and not only the subject 😉 Stay tuned!

Beatriz’s research focuses on the resistance mechanisms of cyanobacteria colonizing hot and cold deserts. She has also participated in the MICROBIAN project, which aims at studying the effects of climate change on the diversity of continental Antarctic soil microbiomes. Previously, during her PhD at the Ecoretos Lab, she studied biocrust-forming cyanobacteria in hot deserts and their application to restore semiarid degraded soils.

Yaprak is a designer researcher who uses ethnographic approaches in several areas such as ecology, transportation, citizenship, and urbanity for social innovation projects led by public and private institutions. She develops and conducts creative project processes using data- and context-driven design tools. She practices human and nonhuman centred design to create or improve services, artifacts, and policies.

See Bea’s publication to better understand why cyanobacteria are important for soil restoration : Roncero-Ramos B, Muñoz-Martín M , Chamizo S, Fernández-Valbuena L, Mendoza D, Perona E, Cantón Y, Mateo P. 2019Polyphasic evaluation of key cyanobacteria in biocrusts from the most arid region in EuropePeerJ 7:e6169