“Enchanted scrap metal: dancing objects troupe” in Montreal South-West

Exhibition | Urban installation

cocreated with Sophie Ingels Fortier for Bellastock Montreal

décembre 2015


Enchanted scrap metal : dancing objects troupe*
*original title : Les ferrailles enchantées : troupe d’objets dansants

Exhibition « Le Grand Détournement »
Georges-Vanier Cultural Center, Montreal, Canada
6 November – 18 December 2015


It is a troupe of dancing objects imagined populating an interstitial space on rue Saint-Jacques in Montreal. The artwork aims to enchant this strange and attractive public place by mixing passers with dancing objects. These abandoned pieces came to life through dance. We imagine choreographies, gatherings, and cohabitations between these non-human dancers and humans. The final urban installation is a forest of 30 dancers with new iron parts salvaged from the Southwest.

Visual artists and designers Sophie Ingels Fortier and Yaprak Hamarat have already collaborated for various urban installations within the Tostaky Collective and the Péristyle Nomade organization in the Center Sud district of Montreal. Met in UQAM Design School in 2008, they have taken part in the design and art competitions. Together, they like to experiment, make statements and try to introduce poetry and intrigue into their common projects to question how we look at our daily lives.